Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about who we are, the services that we have to offer you and your family, prearranging and the cremation process.

You will learn who we are, what you receive through our Cremation with ConfidenceTM Guarantee, why you should join, and much more.

What is AraCremation?

A locally owned and operated cremation provider in the Kansas City area offering families the benefit of saving money on cremation services. Cremation arrangements can be made in advance or at the time of need. Or you can simply sign up to receive more information about your options. Once you make advance cremation arrangements your wishes are permanently on file at our offices so in the case of your death your family members can contact us and we’ll take care of everything the way you wanted. Easing the burden on your loved ones and giving you peace of mind knowing that things will be taken care of.

Our prearrangement process allows families to make all arrangements in advance, thereby relieving survivors of the need to make urgent decisions while experiencing grief. Preplanning provides families with complete peace of mind, both emotionally and financially. Pricing is much less than traditional funeral homes and will save you or your family thousands of dollars.

Why should I choose AraCremation?

We are the only provider in the Kansas City area who provides the Cremation with ConfidenceTM guarantee. When you choose cremation, you should have full confidence in the integrity of the process. Our 10-step process provides peace of mind that the cremated remains you receive are those of your loved one.

  1. Code of Ethics: We have strict procedures and ethics that we adhere to, and because we own our own crematory, you will have the comfort of knowing your loved one never leaves our care.
  2. Cremation Record: A personal identification card is placed with your loved one the moment they are brought into our care. Their name, along with other pertinent information, is entered into our permanent Cremation Record.
  3. Safeguarding Personal Identity: A numbered stainless steel identification tag is placed with your loved one. This number is logged into our Record and will remain with them throughout the cremation process.
  4. Family Viewing: If desired, we can schedule a specific date and time to provide families with an opportunity to say good-bye to their loved one in a quiet, intimate environment. (Additional fees apply)
  5. Checks and Balances to Ensure Correct Paperwork: Three separate parties: a licensed funeral director, family member(s) and the crematory technician, will review cremation paperwork and required permits.
  1. Thorough Communication with Crematory: Prior to the cremation, we can secure a specific date and time for your loved one to be cremated, allowing the family to attend and witness this if they so desire.
  2. During the Cremation : The numbered stainless steel tag issued by the crematory is present with your loved one during the cremation process.
  3. Details After the Cremation: After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are kept secure, along with the stainless steel identification tag and permanent Cremation Record.
  4. Celebration of Life: We can provide the resources you’ll need in planning a memorial ceremony either before, or after the cremation.
  5. Return of the Cremated Remains: Following the Celebration of Life, if the remains are not to be taken to a cemetery, and are to be returned to the family, a photo ID will be required from the family member receiving the remains.

Can I make arrangements online only? Or is there a location where I can sit down and talk to a director?

You can make your arrangements online at any time 24/7 or you can call us at 913-232-7334 to set up an appointment to meet with one of our directors in person at our offices.

Why should I prearrange with AraCremation?

At AraCremation, families can make all arrangements in advance, thereby relieving survivors of the need to make urgent decisions while experiencing grief. Preplanning provides families with complete peace of mind, both emotionally and financially. Pricing is much less than traditional funeral homes and will save you or your family thousands of dollars. You can choose to make advance payment arrangements or your family may take care of the financial matters at the time of need.

What area do you serve in Kansas and Missouri?

AraCremation is a locally established cremation provider serving the Kansas City Area of Johnson, Douglas, Leavenworth, Miami, and Wyandotte counties in Kansas and the Jackson, Platte, and Clay counties in Missouri.

Do I have to pre pay for my funeral arrangements now?

No, you have the option of having your wishes on file at our office and upon your death your loved ones will know your final wishes and can make payment then or you can pre pay at any time.

May I change my instructions in the future?

Yes, you may change any instructions you wish. Simply notify us in writing of your change and we will update your record.

How difficult is the paperwork to arrange a cremation? What information do I need?

The paperwork is not difficult, but you will need to collect some information before you get started. State laws require the collection of information such as the following: place of birth, full name of both parents, place of birth of both father and mother. You will also create a record of the types of services and merchandise you desire.

What happens if the death occurs while on vacation out of state?

AraCremation wants our client families to be protected no matter when or where you need us. For an additional pre-funded fee (non-refundable and in addition to our service and merchandise charges) AraCremation offers travel protection plans which facilitate the same quality service at no additional cost anywhere in the nation or the world. Please ask our staff for more information about this service.

After someone has made prearrangements, what is the process when they pass away?

Family members call our offices at 913-232-7334 to alert us that the death has occurred. Our licensed and trained professionals transport your loved one’s remains into our care where they are held at our facility in a state required cremation container until the time of cremation. Cremation can only be performed once the doctor or medical examiner (coroner) has signed a death certificate, a county medical examiner or coroners permit has been issued and the paperwork is on file with the State. Once we have the proper permits in hand, we can proceed with the cremation. The paperwork takes approximately 3-5 working days to complete.

Does the body have to be embalmed?

No, our modern facilities and proper refrigeration eliminates the need to embalm. However, embalming may be necessary if you have certain cremation/funeral services such as a viewing.

What happens to the ashes after Cremation?

The cremated remains (ashes) must be given back into the care of the family or the person who signs the contract for our services. The cremated remains can be placed in a decorative urn, be buried in a cemetery, interred in a niche, or scattered in a special place.

In what kind of container are the cremated remains returned?

The cremated remains are placed in whichever urn your family selects (additional fees apply). We have a large selection of permanent urns available for you to choose from or your family may supply their own. If a permanent urn is not chosen, the cremated remains will be placed in a black plastic temporary container.

What is direct cremation?

This is a commonly-used term meaning cremation without a visitation, memorial or funeral service. There are no services with your loved one present, and your loved one is not prepared in any way prior to cremation taking place.

Is a casket required for a direct cremation?

No. If a cremation provider offers direct cremation, the cremation provider is obligated to offer an alternative container to the families they serve. Alternative containers can be constructed of cardboard, plywood, or composite wood materials. All alternative containers must meet the construction and measurement requirements of the crematory.

Is embalming required for a direct cremation service?

No, embalming is not required for direct cremation.

Do I have to buy an urn for the cremated remains?

The cost of our direct cremation includes a temporary plastic container for the cremated remains of your loved one; however you can select other options on this website.

I live out of the immediate area and I would like to have my loved one’s cremated remains shipped to me, is this possible?

Urns containing cremated remains can only be shipped using the United States Postal Office. Companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL will not knowingly transport human cremated remains. We can arrange shipment through the USPS to the location of your choice.

Proudly serving Kansas City and the counties of Johnson, Wyandotte, Jackson, Douglas, Leavenworth, Miami, Platte, and Clay.